Locker: All-in-One Password Manager

Password Management

Save passwords with a click

Locker saves your login credentials with one click when you first sign in to a website or application and saves them for later use.

Sign in automatically

Been to this website a second time? No need to enter the passwords manually - Locker is here to do it.

Add items from everywhere

Input your passwords and more into Locker via any browser or password management system.

Sync passwords across all devices

With cross-device data sync, you can access your stored passwords in Locker from anywhere and at any time.

Log in with FaceID

Sign in to multiple websites automatically by FaceID or TouchID, as long as your smartphone supports biometric authentication.

Secure Your Valuable Data

Save login credentials

Save usernames and passwords as you browse to log in faster when you visit a website for the second time.

Secure confidential notes

Locker has a separate folder for users to save confidential notes. No need to remember a thing as Locker is here.

Access your credit cards

Save your credit and debit card details so that Locker automatically fills them in when you go shopping online.

Fill in personal details

Save multiple identities with Locker to automatically fill in different forms.

Manage your passwords with files and folders

Every password vault includes categories and folders for quick access and easy management.

Improve Your Security

Generate strong passwords

The built-in password generator helps create strong, unique passwords to safeguard your account against intruders.

Encrypt with AES-256 encryption

Your data is encrypted with military-grade AES-256 bit encryption to ensure maximum security.


Your passwords are well hidden from everyone, including Locker developers.

Scan for leaked data

Locker scans and sends alerts if it detects your data has been leaked in any database.

Identify weak passwords

Online security begins with passwords. Password health checker warns you of weak, old or reused passwords to heighten the security for your digital accounts.

For Businesses

Admin dashboard

Locker provides a comprehensive admin dashboard for businesses and teams to manage passwords effectively from one place.

Password sharing

Share credentials with your teams quickly and securely over an encrypted channel.

Team management

Add members, provide each with a secure vault, adjust the privacy settings for each and maintain oversight.

Security report

Lockers provides a report to help you track the privacy privileges of your members and increase compliance.

Password policies

Apply customized password policies to add extra security for the organization.

Dark web monitoring

Continuously monitor and send alerts when detecting leaked data on dark webs.