Was Your Email Leaked?
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No breaches found
Hackers may be able to send you phishing emails and steal your personal information.
Websites are hacked daily
Email accounts were compromised
Cyberattacks take place via email
(*) Data taken from Techjury.net
How hackers exploit your email address
Cybercriminals can do a lot with a simple email address.
They can steal sensitive information that you have uploaded onto the compromised website, for example, insurance code, KYC in banking, home address, etc.
They can add your email to a spam mailing list.
They can send you phishing emails that contain malware or ransomware.
What to do when your email was leaked
Don't panic! If your email was found in data breaches, here are what to do:
Change your password linked to that email as soon as possible to avoid possible consequences.
Use a password generator to create a strong password for your account
Remove any confidential information saved to that email address.
If possible, try using a password manager to get alerts on data breaches and weak, compromised passwords.
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