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Effortless password management

Long gone are the days when only the security department is responsible for security. Today, security belongs to everyone in the organization, and employees need to be all in to maintain it. With Locker for Business, your team can engage in protecting the organization with ease - no matter how tech- savvy they are.

Effortless password management

Powerful administration

Your security department is the first line of defense in cybersecurity. Give them the granular control and complete oversight they need with the Locker admin dashboard. Onboard new users, set password policies, oversee password behavior - all from one place.

Powerful administration

Pave The Way To PasswordLess

The only way to really address the password problems is to move beyond passwords. Locker brings you one step closer to the passwordless future by implementing FIDO2 passwordless authentication - cooperating with VinCSS. This will simplify logins across websites and apps - without the need of a single password.

Pave The Way To PasswordLess

Security Is Our Top Priority

FIDO2 Authentication
FIDO2 replaces password-only logins with modern, passwordless authentication, making signing in a secure and fast experience across websites and apps. Using FIDO2 reduces the risks of phishing and credential theft.
Military-grade encryption
Locker uses military-grade AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt your data. It is the first and only publicly accessible encryption approved by the U.S National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information. Using AES-256 cipher will ensure your sensitive information is totally secure even against the most complex cyber attacks.
Periodic testing
Locker runs a Bug Bounty program that allows talented developers around the world to carry out continuous penetration testing. In addition, the CyStack team of experts also join to test and analyze the software on a regular basis to ensure Locker is up and running smoothly.

Locker for Business Features

For members
Private Vault
Store anything from login credentials to secure notes in a single secure, private vault.
Password Health
Identify and alert weak, reused passwords that can pose security risks to the company.
Secure Sharing
Share credentials simply and securely with colleagues, thereby improving work productivity.
Data Breach Scanner
Scan for leaked data to help users take proactive measures and stay one step ahead of hackers.
Cross-platform Accessibility
Sync and autofill logins on multiple platforms to save time and effort.
Always-on Support
Get help whenever needed - from our 24/7 support center.
For admin
Admin Dashboard
Gain complete insights into password behavior, team usage, and more. Manage all tasks from one place.
Group Management
Divide your team into different groups for effortless management and secure document sharing.
Activity Log
Get a detailed history log to keep track of all activities performed within the organization.
Custom Policies
Set your business up for security success with customizable password policies and access permissions.

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Employees enjoy the features millions of Locker users love, while you get the admin tools you need: login monitoring, plan member management and reporting, policy management, and directory integration.


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Advanced password management and seamless integration. All the functionality of our Team plan, plus the added convenience and simplicity of SCIM provisioning and an SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a business password manager?
Data breaches and cyberattacks can happen to any business, no matter how large or small it is. It is always advisable to stay one step ahead, and using a business password manager will help you do that.
With specific tools such as breach scanner, password health, etc., all employees can get involved in protecting your business. As an administrator, you have what you need to maintain password hygiene in your company - a detailed dashboard, activity logs, custom access policies, etc.
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