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Keep your data private with zero-knowledge architecture.
About zero-knowledge architecture
In cryptography, a zero-knowledge protocol is an authentication method, in which the prover proves to the verifier that they have a piece of information without revealing it. Both parties do not exchange the information during that process, so it cannot be stolen.
Implementing zero-knowledge in Locker
Using zero-knowledge architecture in Locker means Locker will save the proof that you have the key (in this case your Master Password) to your vault, but not the key itself. Therefore, no one - not even Locker development team members - can view or edit your Master Password.

Zero-knowledge also makes sure that your encrypted data remains safe even if hackers breach Locker's databases. Hackers cannot decrypt any encrypted data, nor can they view your Master Password for decryption. You are the ONLY one to have the Master Password, or in other words, the access to your vault.
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