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Generate unlimited aliases and keep your true email private. Come with extra security features in Locker Password Manager

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Tailored to enhance your privacy

Locker Private Email protects your true email, as well as your online identity.

Stay anonymous
With email aliases, you can receive and reply to emails anonymously. Your true email inbox stays hidden.
Organize your mailbox
Manage all emails for different aliases in your primary mailbox. Simply deactivate an alias to stop receiving any further emails from that address.
Stop spam emails
Block messages by address or domain to keep promotional emails and spam out of your inbox.
Create your own subdomain
Set up your subdomain as [email protected] for a bunch of perks. Customization, brand reputation, effective communication, and more!
Use your aliases everywhere
Create, use and manage your aliases anywhere you want, from our website, browser extensions or right on your phone with our apps.

How it works

  • 1
    Generate your email alias
    Open Locker and create your email alias in a click. Locker Private Email will create an alias with a subdomain of @maily.org, and your registered email address will be automatically recognized as the primary email.
  • 2
    Use your alias
    Use your @maily.org alias to sign up for online services and promotions. Get the confirmation email forwarded to your real mailbox. Turn the alias off anytime later.
  • 3
    Receive and send emails safely
    Receive and reply to forwarded emails from the primary address. The reply email will be sent from your alias, and the recipient will know nothing of your real email.

Have peace of mind everywhere you go

Want to register a new online service but worried about the reliability of that brand?
Use Locker Private Email then.Receive and send emails from the alias until you fully trust the recipient.
Want to get a promo code but worried about spam all over your inbox?
Don't let the deals slip away! Use the email alias to sign up and turn it off after redeeming the code.
Social Networks
Tired of getting notifications when using social media?
Use Locker Private Email to sign up and protect your online identity.
Want to join a game in anonymous mode? Tired of receiving marketing emails from gaming companies?
Locker Private Email may help.With an email alias, you can stay totally anonymous in the game.

Private Email for Developers with Powerful APIs

Locker Private Email offers simple yet robust APIs for improved efficiency and personalization.

            curl --location --request POST 'https://api.locker.io/v3/relay/addresses' \
            --header 'Authorization: Bearer  {your_api_key}' \
            --data-raw ''
Example Response
            "id": 88,
            "address": "example",
            "enabled": true,
            "description": "",
            "created_time": 1662042581.0,
            "updated_time": null,
            "num_forwarded": 0,
            "num_blocked": 0,
            "num_replied": 0,
            "num_spam": 0,
            "domain": "maily.org",
            "subdomain": null,
            "full_address": "[email protected]"
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Frequently asked questions
What is a private email alias?
A private email alias, also known as a masked email, is an additional, private email address, with which you can set forwards to your true email account or send/receive emails directly.
Why should I use an email alias?
Is an email alias permanent?
What is the difference between Locker Private Email and other email alias services?

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