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What do I get?

With-a-click password saving

Locker saves your login credentials with one click when you first sign in to a website or application for later use.

Automatic Login

Already stored passwords in Locker? No need to enter the passwords manually - Locker is here to do it.

Strong Password Generator

The built-in password generator helps create strong, unique passwords to safeguard your accounts against intruders.

Built-in Locker Authentication

Set up a TOTP in Locker for any app or website you want to serve as the second-factor authentication for your account.

Locker Private Email

With email aliases, you can receive and reply to emails anonymously. Your true email inbox stays hidden.

Crypto Asset Protection

Locker gives prominence to crypto wallets, with the custom form to make it easier to store every aspect of a wallet, which Locker encrypts along with the rest of your vault.

Data synchronization across all devices

With cross-device data synchronization, you can access your passwords and data in Locker from anywhere at any time.

Unlimited Storage

Locker provides you with unlimited storage to save your passwords and data. Never afraid of using up space.

AES 256-bit encryption

Your data is encrypted with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure maximum security.

Password sharing

Share credentials with your family and friends quickly and securely over an encrypted channel.

Data breach scanner

Locker scans and sends alerts if it detects that your data has been leaked in any data breaches.

Emergency access

Add your trusted contacts so they can help access your data in any emergency cases.

Secure confidential notes

Locker has a separate folder for users to save confidential notes. No need to remember a thing as Locker is here.

Credit card quick access

Save your credit and debit card details so that Locker automatically fills them in when you go shopping online.

And much more cool features for Your Secure and Seamless Internet Experience

Available on all platforms

Locker works on every device, operating system, and browser you are using.