About Us
Locker is a password manager that goes beyond the mere concept of password management. Locker stores your sensitive data, logs you in to your favorite sites, scans for data breaches, and more. Every feature in Locker is built on the foundation of privacy and transparency to ensure the highest security for users.
Vision and Mission
We believe everyone deserves a secure and seamless internet experience, and Locker strives to provide just that. No matter if you are tech-savvy or not, you can always keep yourself safe online with Locker.
Meet Our Team
Locker is a product of CyStack Security - a leading cybersecurity company based in Vietnam. CyStack has been a reputable partner providing security application and security managed services for many large and small businesses in Vietnam and around the world.
Awards and Recognitions
Locker has received the Vietnam Golden Key Award for excellent cybersecurity products in 2021.